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Big brother is watching you and monitors your communications. Don't you think it's about time you start keeping things to yourself? To be honest we are facing the same problem as well. However hard we try we feel we cannot keep our secrets. There is always someone watching our activities trying to listen to what we say with our friends. So we developed our own defense. A little utility to encrypt our files. This makes us feel secure.

Our encryption is based on what we call 'mutating key' algorithm. The key used for the encryption is changing as the encryption proceeds. This feature along with the size of the key makes it virtually impossible to break it and access the hidden information. Well the main advantage is that this is a proprietary algorithm and not much is known about its internals. Published algorithms are a lot easier to attack. But when the key is this long and changes with the data there is some extra security...

Built into an easy to use GUI, the encryption/decryption mechanism will allow you to protect your files and be on the safe side of the network. Please visit the product page for more details.

A glimpse of the future

We are planning to offer more tools for developers and users. The first in schedule is a tool that allows you to copy protect your programs. It uses the same protection scheme we use for our programs as well. At the time of this writing we are developing an intuitive SDK for the library. It will be available soon.


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