Welcome to the twilight zone. Big brother is watching you and monitors all your activities. At least that's what he thinks. Now you can let him try without fear. The GusOnGames team has decided to bring its custom encryption tool to the public.

After thorough testing, (the encryption algorithm has been around for several years) we are convinced that it is a safe encryption algorithm and you can rely upon it for the safety of your data. We experienced several hack attacks against our programs, but they all failed. One might argue that we got lucky but you cannot always win by accident. You have to be good at what you are doing and we think we are.

So now we are taking the risk to bring our encryption tool to the public. We feel so confident about the strength of the algorithm that we encourage you to start using the tool to encrypt your data, especially the files you send with e-mail.

The program is very easy to use. Just select the files you want to encrypt or decrypt and then select the appropriate menu option or toolbar button.

Under the current circumstances we think that it is best to offer the program under the Open Source license without any restrictions in its use. However we would be very happy is you registered as an indication of appreciation to our efforts.

The program currently supports Microsoft Windows and Mac OSx with Linux version on the way. Stay tuned.

GusOnGames Encryption for Windows
GusOnGames Encryption for Mac


A command line encryption tool is also available for the Windows platform. Following our company tradition we decided to release this command line tool to assist command line users. As you might expect there are no surprises in the way this tool works. All you have to do is unzip it and copy it in a directory pointed by your PATH environment variable. Invoke it with '--help' to get information how to use it.

GusOnGames Encryption for Windows command line
GusOnGames Encryption for Linux command line