Welcome to GusOnGames. This site is dedicated to game programming, games and some other side stories. Our goal is to support the game programmers with real life solutions for their problems. Our side stories are the projects we develop either working on samples or in our free time.

GusOnGames started as a gateway to expose our experience in game programming and programming in general. We are professional game developers and here we publish the part of our work that is free of royalties. We would like to give away even more but contracts do not permit it. Nevertheless we still manage to develop some tutorials and utilities that we can claim to be ours. This is what it is all about. Now that we are getting out of our contract obligations we are planning to publish even more stuff. So check us regularly.

Latest Articles and Tutorials

Encryption tool for your files
A powerful encryption tool to protect your files from prying eyes.
Some programming required
Some programming tips to make the game code easier to manage.
The joy of flight
Here is how to use a joystick to fly our airplane.
Learning to fly
Create a simple flight simulator.
Using vertex buffers to speed up drawing
Let the GPU handle geometry data.
Learn how to encode 3D geometry information in an image.
Create a moving camera
A really cool feature in video games is a camera that follows the action. Something like a movie camera following the actors around in the film, looking at the car from a short distance.
Moving around in a virtual city
So far we have developed several techniques that we can use to make our games look interesting. Move around in a virtual city using quaternions to handle view.
Stencil Buffer
Clip drawing using an arbitrary shape, not a rectangle. It is not very hard to do using stencil buffers.
Have you ever wanted to draw the horizon in your game? Here is how.
Fog, transparency and scissors
Some simple effects that can make our games impressive.
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